Sunday, July 01, 2007

Primary colors

Saw Ocean's Thirteen yesterday. It rocked. I liked the first two movies, and liked the third.

For one, the colors were so fascinating to watch. Eleven, if I remember correctly, was red-toned everywhere. Twelve was ... blue? Maybe not blue, but I remember thinking when I watched it the first time that it had the similar color theme running throughout. At any rate, Thirteen is mainly yellow, with red and blue accents. It's fun to watch: the hotel in Vegas where the story takes place is mostly yellows and complimentary browns in the decor; a lot of the characters' wardrobes are, too, though again reds and blues factor in there too. There's one scene were George Clooney is wearing all blue tones and Don Cheadle is wearing reds, and they're standing next to each other. It was pretty striking.

I have no idea why the colors fascinated me more than anything. The rest of the movie is pretty great, too. The dialogue is good -- like the other two movies, it goes quickly and you have to pay attention. Casey Affleck seemed to be doing a pretty good job of speaking Spanish with a Mexican accent, in a hilarious subplot. There are also some cool gadgets that the team uses to pull of the film's heist.

The cast is excellent, and work so well together onscreen. And an added bonus: Olga Sosnovska, who played Fiona in MI-5/Spooks, was in it! Obviously, this was a film where girls don't get to kick any ass, but still. It made me look forward to whenever season 5 comes out on DVD.

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