Friday, April 25, 2008

The three amigos

In an unfortunate turn of events (like grades being due at the registrar's), it turns out the Legal Reasoning paper is due Sunday evening, rather than late Monday night. The prof emailed everyone her apologies. So it's crunch time.

I've been waking up at 6am every morning when the cutest niece in the world starts screeching with morning-person delight, hitting up the Michigan outlet malls, and jogging around Ann Arbor. In the friggin' muggy, upper-70 degree weather! Yeesh. It's been fun. But the exam is due very soon. And as if to cruelly remind me of this fact, while I was perusing shoes at a department store and Mi Cuñado (the American Studies doctoral candidate who hails from the Golden State) was pushing his Michigander child in the stroller, the graduate student deities directed one of his colleagues to bump into us. The colleague was very nice, but repeatedly bemoaned the fact that any time spent not reading was well, time spent not reading. I had to flee to handbag aisles to escape my guilty conscience.

The fact that Mi Cuñado is from California and the cutest niece in the world was born in the Wolverine State is actually very relevant to the exam....

The three essays I have to write are on three separate cases that originated from California (emissions standards), Washington State (PICS v. Seattle), and Michigan (Detroit's living wage ordinance).

And the Squeaky thinks three adults working on their finals is a party happening without her, and refuses to go to sleep...

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