Friday, December 19, 2008


Frightening tale. At least no one was seriously hurt:
Students were screaming as bus crashed through barrier (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
(Photo: Seattle P-I)

A couple of charter buses with dozens of people aboard slid down ... snow-covered cobblestones ... and crashed into each other Friday morning, crashing through a guardrail... 20 to 30 feet above Interstate 5.

(Rainster's note: Basically, to the left of the photo is a very, very steep hill. I used to live a few blocks away. Meanwhile, a similarly steep hill near La Madre's house has been blocked off by police since the day before it snowed.)
Last Sunday, I was on a bus (public transportation, unlike these ones) that did the same thing, though in a different part of the city. (And the county has since put chains on all the buses.) We slid backwards, though, and hit the guardrail but didn't go through it. I walked two miles before my bro-in-law picked me up.

Still, safety concerns aside, I lovelovelove snow.


The Common Man said...

Yipes indeed. Your love of snow is admirable. I shoveled a foot of snow off our driveway this morning, and am teetering on the border of wanting fly South (fortunately, Arizona beckons).

Rainster said...

Not growing up with snow, it's always a novelty and somewhat magical -- even shoveling sidewalks and scraping windshields!