Sunday, January 29, 2012

No bailouts, no handouts, no copouts

A quick note to say how AWESOME 2012 has been so far! And the Year of the Dragon too.

I've already gone snowshoeing twice this year, have a snowshoe 5K lined up (to combine two of my interests), have some 5Ks lined up, have some vacation trips planned, and it snowed(!!!) in Seattle.

It also dawned on me randomly the other day that I also missed one more thing from my 2011 "firsts" list:
  • Went to a baseball game at a National League stadium. Still to see the Mariners play, though! I've never seen any other team. Granted, I've only ever been to Seattle and Boston to see them play, but seeing them (blow it in the bottom of the 9th like only my hometeam can) in DC was a cool new experience.
Life is beautiful!

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