Sunday, December 09, 2007

Need to operationalize our variables a little better next time...

(Research Methodology paper due tomorrow by email....)

Hypothesis 1 proved true for the first three hours. However, our results might be questionable because my bro-in-law decided we should tell La Madre I either got kicked out of school or evicted from my apartment for not paying rent, and he ended up telling her both. The result was that La Madre saw me, said "Oh, it's you. Hello. But you're supposed to be getting here next week." (Polite hug, then bro-in-law presented his scenarios that we forgot to include as control variables.) "What? But you have money in your bank account. Why didn't you pay your rent? Bink, are you flunking your classes? Why are you flunking your classes?" All incredible ironic statements, of course, though La Madre was serious....

Then, of course, the bro-in-law decided to be funny and say "So can we go get him out of the car now?" and La Madre rushed out onto the porch to see if there indeed was some random guy I brought home waiting in the car. I was not amused.

Later in the evening, though, after La Otra Hermana and I went over to Grandma's to talk politics and baseball, I returned to the house to find La Madre rushing around wailing "Now I have to do laundry! And go grocery shopping! How long have your sisters known you were coming today? Haaaaaa, why do you girls do this?" --thus lending validity to Hypothesis 2.

Also, words I never though I'd hear La OH say: "Oh! I'm a swing voter!" (This was after I told Grandma I didn't think Clinton would be able to pull in enough swing voters, and I had to respond when La OH said "What's a swing voter?" But regardless, words I never though I'd hear her say. Must share with Nuestra Hermana en Michigan...)

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