Friday, December 07, 2007

One semester down, three more to go

Back in July, when I bought my roundtrip ticket to Beantown, my original return date was Dec. 15. However, in September, when I realized I wouldn't have to sit for an exam (just slave over papers I could email), I switched the date to Dec. 8. Mis Hermanas know this -- in fact, one of them (La Otra Hermana, the one that's still preggers) is picking me up from the airport.

La Madre, on the other hand, is unaware that I'm flying in tomorrow. In fact, just yesterday, she emailed me to say "BINK! What is your itinerary for the 15th? I NEED your flight information ASAP, Bink!!!! Why have you not emailed it to me? Are you okay in Boston? Are you busy with school?" (She's an uber-organized scheduler....)

So we thought it would be funny not to tell her. I asked La Otra Hermana to feign a craving for lasagna (my favorite homemade meal, which La Madre made every college homecoming for me), but she refused, thinking that would be a dead giveaway.

However, La Madre also famously does not take surprises well. After much consulting with Mi Hermana en Michigan and La Otra Hermana, we agreed on the following hypotheses (to use the research methodology terms for a paper I have due next week)...

Hypothesis 1: La Madre will stare in happiness masked as annoyance, say something like, "Oh, it's you. Hello. What are you doing here?" and lock herself in her room to cope. (This is what she did when Mi Hermana's then-boyfriend/now-husband brought her avocados, her favorite fruit, as a gift when he visited for the first time.)

Hypothesis 2: La Madre will sigh in happiness masked as drama, and declare, "Why do you girls do this to me? Why? Why??? Now I have to go grocery shopping! And vacuum your room! And this house is a mess! Ahhhhh! Why do you girls do this??? Oh, why me???" (This was what she did when her church elected her as treasurer, even though she refused to officially run but had a lot of ideas for re-organizing the financial records.)

Nosotros Las Tres Hermanas honestly don't know which will prove true...

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