Friday, January 18, 2008

A- for effort

Though I haven't volunteered at the MAVIN Foundation in several years, I do still check out their website every now and then. Especially as I'm preparing for the arrival of the Samoan/Anglo/Asian Kiwi nephew, and have not spent enough time with the Chicana/Anglo/Asian cutest niece in the world.

Kudos to the Brooklyn-based makers of Real Kidz, dolls that are supposed to be biracial. (All but one of the dolls is half white, however, hence the A-.)

Cuz Miko the Hawaiian Barbie was the only non-black or non-white doll I remember from my toy years...


Xtina said...

i had Miko too! as well as a Barbie whose name i can't remember but who looked vaguely Latino.

Rainster said...

I renamed Miko Satin. No idea why.