Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Should auld acquaintance be ...

A few years ago, I stole the idea of reflecting on "firsts" from the past year from a friend of mine, who always sends a New Year's greeting. (I also like the FG's "2007 in sentences" meme, and might borrow it for next year....) For better or worse, here are a dozen "firsts" for me from 2007, in no particular order:

1. Became an aunt! (September) To the cutest niece in the world. Who, at 3 months and 3 days, is 16lbs, already teething, and loves to party.

2. Changed a diaper for the first time. (November) See #1.

3. Entered graduate school. (September) And surprisingly, I don't stress out about assignments as much as I did during the undergrad years. I am, however, also less involved in both campus and community.

4. Discovered I was allergic to penicillin. (February) This, of course, is good to know.

5. Visited Michigan. (November) As opposed to just having a layover in Detroit. We hit up the outlet malls up and down the highway and wandered around Ann Arbor. But mostly, I stayed in Mi Hermana's apartment and played with the cutest niece in the world.

6. Had an uncle pass away. (November) Other relatives have passed before, but never an uncle.

7. Been at someone's hospital bedside when they passed away. (February) Grandpa was surrounded by his wife of 65 years, sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren. I now have one grandparent left.

8. Attended an ash-scattering event. (June) It couldn't really be called a ceremony, there was just a piper and Grandma's poem and a lot of whisky-swilling afterwards. But it's the first such funerary/memorial event -- I'd previously only been to cemeteries or memorial services/celebrations of life.

10. Became the only unmarried, unpregnant sister. (May, though they didn't know until July) And I plan to so remain for quite a while! The stories from La Otra Hermana's wedding are well-documented, and include many "firsts" of their own, like having to stuff a cloth down the front of my bridesmaid's dress because the pastors thought it was too revealing. And sneaking alcohol into a dry wedding. But really, I repeat myself....

11. Had a pretty kick-ass Halloween costume. (October) Also slightly repetitive, but I'd never put that much thought, money, or time into a Halloween costume before! Or gotten a lot of compliments that weren't "Um..."

12. Forgot to vote in a general election. (November) Damn it! The memory, it slips away with age and cross-country chaos...

Overall, 2007 was a good year. It didn't necessarily start out on the best foot, but as the months have rolled by I think I've grown, been enriched by, and learned from a full gamut of experiences. Above all, I know I'm lucky to have many, many wonderful friends and family members, and plenty of good (and bad) memories to round out the old year and propel me into a new one.

Life is beautiful! Here's to 2008 ...

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