Monday, July 14, 2008

Action shots

Packed between happy hour, a house party, a beach trip, brunch, and time with the neffy, watching movies is a great way to escape what passes for a weekend heat wave in Seattle.

racie was the typical girl sports story, about a girl who wants to join her school's all-boys soccer team in the late '70s because there is no girls' team. It followed the predictable formula: personal tragedy, professional humiliation, ultimate shot at redemption in the final minutes of the championship game. But though it's formulaic, I have a soft spot for the sport-film genre. Especially soccer movies. And movies that mention Title IX. (What I didn't know was that the movie is loosely based on the childhood experiences of actress Elizabeth Shue, who plays Gracie's mother. Also, it was a little weird to see Dermot Mulroney as a gray-haired New Jersey father.) But overall it was a cute movie. When the cutest niece in the world is older, maybe I'll re-watch it with her.

Then Ms Tungsten the chem nerd wanted to watch Main Hoon Na, in which Shah Rukh Khan has crush on his chemistry teacher. To be fair, he's actually supposed to be India's top military operative under cover at a school to protect a general's daughter from a terrorist kidnapping plot aimed at preventing an exchange of prisoners between India and Pakistan. And whereas the adult-posing-as-a-student thing was really, really creepy in Never Been Kissed (seriously, I felt gross watching it), it worked a little better with SRK because there were jokes thrown around constantly about him being a decade older than the other students. They didn't try to pretend he was a minor, thus virtually negating the ick factor.

The film was hilarious, though -- it was the perfect combination of campy, parodic, and cute. (The ending credits were also fun and creative and, like the tongue-in-cheek nature of the film too, bore a resemblance to Om Shanti Om, possibly because Farah Khan directed both.)

Good stuff.

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