Thursday, July 10, 2008

What a difference a day makes...

... especially if it's the first Tuesday in November!

On a slightly more uplifting note, my internship lets me say all the partisan and election-related stuff I couldn't at my previous (excellent) job.

Such as: people in Pierce County need to vote out homophobic councilmembers who refuse to even pass a Pride Day proclamation! (I get to say this now, instead of merely urging constituents to contact their already-elected officials... It's very liberating.)
Gay advocates blast Pierce council over lack of support
"Proclamations — in which government leaders go on record to support an event or group —rarely face opposition. Elected officials approve dozens every year. It usually takes about five minutes to rubber-stamp the mostly ceremonial items.

The amendment failed 4-3 on Tuesday, with [four councilmembers]casting the “No” votes. They’re all Republicans...."
One more progressive Democrat could swing that vote the other way...

However, I'm still holding out until the end of the summer to figure out if I like the election or legislative side of politics more...

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