Friday, August 22, 2008

Not a Trekkie, but ...

I would TOTALLY watch this!
The Onion| New 'West Wing' Animated Series
SAN DIEGO—On day two of the 2008 San Diego SorCon, the biggest Aaron Sorkin convention in the world, screenwriter and producer Aaron Sorkin revealed plans for his next project, an animated continuation of his most popular franchise, The West Wing.

"I'm excited to bring my Emmy Award–winning writing to the field of animation," Sorkin said in a speech before approximately 30,000 screaming fans, many of whom were dressed up in the business-suit costumes of their favorite Sorkin characters. "[A]animation technology will enable us to provide fans with extended
40-minute walk-and-talks, digitally compressed dialogue for faster delivery, and a cast of over 70 main characters."

...The pilot ends, Sorkin said, with a 15-minute speech from President Santos about holding unpopular ideals.

"And I can promise SorCon that there will be at least two filibusters in the first season."



The Common Man said...

I dunno, B. I don't even know if I'd watch that. And I'm the one who payed good money to own Battlefield Earth.

Rainster said...

Debating which is more scandalous, owning BE or admitting to owning it... Hmmm.

The Common Man said...

Well, better to get it out in the open, rather than let it be a dirty little secret. Look what that did to John Edwards, after all.

Does it help or hurt my case that I also own Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space and Highlander II: The Quickening?