Friday, April 27, 2012

Exits and entrances

 I had "Whatever Lola Wants" stuck in my head on the way to the 5th Avenue Theatre's production of Damn Yankees last week, and I've had "You Gotta Have Heart" stuck in my head ever since. (The harmonies are so mesmerizing.)

I hadn't seen the movie, but I was familiar with the storyline, a take on Faust: a baseball fan makes a pact with the devil in the hopes that his team will beat the Yankees. Baseball and Broadway musicals might not seem to be a natural fit, but it worked perfectly. But the choreography worked seamlessly - the players as dancers mimicked sports plays. The numbers themselves were all fun to watch. During intermission, I overheard some people saying that the song-and-dance routines went on too long, and I almost jumped in to their conversation to voice my disagreement.

Plays are always amazing to me. The magic of the stage still has me wondering how they pulled off some of the stunts (like Joe, the main character, going from being an old man to a young one).

Great production!

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