Sunday, April 01, 2012

Spiro Agnew, eat your heart out

It was Comicon weekend in Seattle, which reminded me that last weekend I watched a comic-related movie. I've never read the Captain America graphic novels, so I have no way of knowing whether or not Captain America: The First Avenger is very faithful to the comics.

Nor did I realize that the movie is one of several leading up to this summer's expected blockbuster, The Avengers. I have not seen Iron Man nor The Incredible Hulk, but I think the storylines all merging is brilliant. (Yay, marketing. Go Marvel. Ingenius.)

But I thought the movie was good fun. During WWII, a scrawny Brooklyn guy with a big heart is rejected by the Army for duty but then becomes part of a military experiment where they make him all buff; he wears a superhero costume, has a cool, indestructible shield, and fights Nazis. It was straight cheese, but thoroughly enjoyable.

I'm a huge fan of Tommy Lee Jones, who perpetually plays the gruff superior in most movies. And Hugo Weaving is always brilliant as an evil adversary.

I won't rush out to watch the other comic movies that provide the backdrop for Captain America's future teammates, but I will probably see The Avengers when it comes out next month. (Yay, marketing. Go Marvel. Ingenius.)

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