Monday, June 18, 2007

Please, sir . . .

I'm pretty sure I could think of better ways for school districts to collect parents' lunch money debt than by punishing children and creating entirely new traumatic social stigmas. From the LA Times:
On school menus: cheese sandwiches, parental debt
CHULA VISTA, CALIF. — When too many parents fell behind on paying for school lunches, the Chula Vista Elementary School District decided to get tough — on the children.

They told students with deadbeat parents that they had only one lunch choice: a cheese sandwich.

The sandwich, served on whole wheat bread, came with a clear message: Tell your parents to pay up — or no more pizza and burgers for you. . . .

Setting aside the whole debate about what foods should be served in school cafeterias, that's just plain cruel.


Xtina said...

that really makes no sense.

on the subject of school lunches, though, i was talking with someone about school lunches, and about how i always told my mom to give me money instead of a lunch on pastrami day, because pastrami day was THE day to get school lunch.

Rainster said...

My mom made us bring bag lunches every day but Friday. Friday was cool cuz then we got to stand in line and eat with all the other kids, rather than waiting around at an empty table while friends were in the cafeteria line.

I liked tater tot days. Sometimes they were Fridays.