Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gotta stop wearing those fishnets

Unsure if I ever blogged the first incident (though I've certainly ranted about it enough), I was once mistaken for a prostitute three times in the same night while waiting for a bus. That was about two years ago. Based on that experience, I now know how men pick up prostitutes (they pull their cars up a little ways away, and wait, and keep looking at you through their rearview mirrors).

And it happened again! I was waiting for a bus, alone, fairly late, last night on my way home from karaoke, and the same thing happened. Except this time when I looked over at the car in shock to see if what I thought was happening was really happening, the guy raised his arms as if you say "Deal or no deal?" So I whipped out my cell phone and called a cab. I don't care that I was mistaken for a hooker (ironically I was wearing a big puffy ski jacket the first time, and a long wool coat the second), I'm a little more concerned about my safety.

And why are women alone at bus stops late at night assumed to be prostitutes anyway???? Arrrgggghh. Oh wait....

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WendyB said...

And who knew the pros were now wearing puffy coats!