Sunday, November 04, 2007

One extra hour!

Lady Grace and I tried to go to the Peabody Museum this morning, but got a lost, as I'm learning is fairly common in the Boston area. Which was fine, because it was a gorgeous sunny Sunday, so we ended up taking a really long walk around Cambridge. But with an antsy 2-year-old in tow, we decided to find a decent brunch place, and stumbled upon the lovely Upstairs on the Square. We didn't realize it was a reservation kind of place, but luckily the staff took a liking to Lillian, Lady G's toddler charge. She was cute and well-behaved, and despite it being very crowded with college students being wined and dined by visiting parents, we got seated immediately without reservations (we were thinking the cute and well-behaved part had something to do with it), and about four staffers kept coming up to say hi to her throughout our meal.

She did keep trying to grab my mimosa, though, thinking it was the OJ she usually has for breakfast. I managed to keep it away from her, and tried to give her some of my melon and prosciutto instead, but she wasn't a fan of either. And then we had to play the rearranging game, where I'd move the salt and pepper and sugar to the opposite end of whatever side of the table she would crawl towards.

And then it occurred to us halfway through brunch that we probably looked like a young couple out for Sunday brunch with our kid. (It explained some of the comments other patrons and the staff said to both of us.) Hilarious!

At any rate, I liked the decor at the restaurant. It was an interesting blend of classic, with fun colors and subtle animal prints. I like subtle animal prints...

And then I had to get back to the paper-writing. Sigh. It was a nice autumn morning of procrastination, though.

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