Wednesday, November 07, 2007

When you want the option that isn't listed

Thanks to the FG, who posted this on "the FB," I know that according to USA Today's "Candidate Match" game, Kucinich, Gravel, and Giuliani (tied with Richardson) are apparently most aligned with my answers to USA Today's questions on the war, health care, immigration, equal marriage rights, the environment, and experience.

(I knew Kucinich, I've know that for years. But I'll still never vote for him. He still really, really creeps me out, and I don't know exactly why, as I kept telling another friend on Facebook. Personal biases, perhaps.)

At any rate, unless I register to vote in the Massachusetts primary, I'll miss the Washington State caucus. Decisions, decisions...

For more procrastination, maybe I should retake the quiz! Ooooohhh! Or critique its internal validity, which would be an excellent way to avoid doing the survey reading for statistics class tonight.

My excuse lately is that if it's related to politics and somehow involves technology (very conveniently undefined), then it's not really procrastinating. It's, um, tangentially related to my research-gathering. Yep. That's right...

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