Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lesson learned the hard way #1741

Library buildings are alive, and want to eat you.

It's true, I swear. During orientation as an undergrad, I tried to find my advisor's office in the library and ended up getting locked in the stairwell. I ran up and down stairs for about 15 minutes before finally finding a door with a window and pounding on it until some random passerby heard and saw me.

Today I had to leave the safety of the top-floor IT office to show someone in the basement how to update a specific section of the library's website. On the return journey, I swear the walls moved, and I couldn't even find the main hallway. The archive stacks just kept going on forever, like Midwestern cornfields or the mirror scene from Enter the Dragon, and it was impossible to tell which way was an exit, any exit!

My dad used to randomly ask us while driving on road trips "Which way is north?" and my sisters would always get it wrong. Streets and roads are easy, though. I'd usually look at the map beforehand and if you could tell which way was which if you knew what road you were on. Or by where the sun was, if it was showing. Or by looking to see where the mountains or the ocean were. So outside on streets, I'm fine.

It's just inside. When the walls move!


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