Thursday, February 07, 2008

Some consequence yet hanging in the stars

A friend posted this on Facebook, and it's too hilarious not to blog. On the Washington Post's website, you can look at the vote tallies by things like party, state, age, gender, and ... astrological sign.

Take, for instance, the Feingold Amendment to Bush's FISA bill. (The bill, S. 2248, allows warrantless wiretapping of Americans on international calls. The Amendment would have required a court order. The Amendment failed. My former employer, as always, has an excellent summary...)

I note that my fellow Taureans had the highest absentee rate for this particular vote.... and that there are more Scorpios than any other sign. (And where's the PAC dedicated to electing more Libras? They seem to vote the right way!)

But hey, now I have an astrological excuse for skipping Econ the week after Spring Break. It's in the stars. We just don't show up sometimes...

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