Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lessons learned the hard way no.s 1745 & 1746

#1745: PACs, as opposed to 501(c)3s, actually start the workday at 9am.
The building I'm in for the summer is basically all PACs or partisan or campaign offices, and when my non-morning ass crawls in "early" at 8:50, I swear I'm the last person reporting for work...

#1746: If, for some very, very good reason, you delete or hide someone's contact information from yourself so that you're not tempted to drunk dial/text/email, don't secretly write it down in code so that you'll only decipher it when you're sober.
For starters, the information might actually come in handy someday, unexpectedly... and also, figuring out your own wacked-out cipher might be much, much harder than you thought. Which I suppose was the point, but still...

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