Thursday, April 05, 2007

Party like it's House Bill 99

So I try not to blog about work too much -- except where something that I'm interested in anyway happens to be work-related and affects my mood.

Washington State is now the fourth state (Maine was the first, yay, Maine) to oppose REAL ID. Just as I finished my two-hour project of creating both the email alert and the web page encouraging people to take legislative action on it, the state House passed the bill.

And a bill clarifying the state's 8-year-old medical marijuana law passed yesterday.

I've been working the REAL ID bill for almost 2 years, and medical marijuana bill for 4, so it's great to finally see them become law! The last two public-priority bills are domestic partnerships and sex ed, and both are still alive and are likely to pass. I've spent 3 years working on the DP issue, if you count the failed marriage case, and 4 years trying to pass comprehensive sex ed.

So my last legislative session will be the most victorious one in my 4 years with the organization.

* Note for nerds: HB 99 in the title is inaccurate, I know. But a 4-digit bill wouldn't scan!

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