Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Puh-lay ball!

Safeco Field is the bestest ballpark ever. It somehow manages to combine that old-school brick feel with modern touches. Nothing else rivals the view on a clear day, the sound of a train in the background, and a beer, garlic fries and hot dog in your hand. Even when it starts to rain in the third inning and the Star Wars theme leaps to mind and gets stuck in your head as the retractable roof slowly starts to creep over the entire park like a huge starship. Even when the Mariners lose 11-2 to the Twins. It's still somehow all good.


Xtina said...

just wait until fenway.

The Common Man said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! 11-2!

You should visit PNC Park in Pittsburg. I've been to both, and have to say that there's no real comparison.

Rainster said...

I've been to Fenway! It's cool, but really small.

Coworker from Pittsburgh confirms PNC Park is superior. Hmmmpphh.

Torgo said...

I've been to a lot of ok stadiums that I have no intention of trying to say they're the best. In fact, some were really bad. In Kasas City, where the Royals play, that one has a fountain, but I had lousy seats. The old Brewers' stadium, County Stadium: good brats, not much else. Olympic Stadium in Montreal has good brisket and tickets were cheap, but the stadium was pretty run down. I saw a Reds game once at their old stadium right as they were building the new one out in left field. If anyone hit a hr it could've hit construction workers. That was weird. And the A's stadium in Oakland seems built for football. Jacob's Field in Cleveland is nice.

Then there's Fenway. It's uncomfortable. Kind of dirty. But it's a fun place to watch a game. I've never felt closer to the action than at Fenway.

Xtina said...

that's because boston is the best.