Saturday, April 14, 2007

Word of Wisdom Learned the Hard Way #550

(Why do life's humiliating lessons usually involve either singing in public or the gym, or both?)

If a good song comes on at the gym (one that you're used to singing along with at karaoke) and you're in a locker room which you think is empty, don't sing out loud. Because there might be someone who comes out of the shower just when you're belting out the chorus...


Xtina said...

i have GOT to see you sing creep, karaoke style. do you sit in a lone chair on the stage, hunched over, staring out at the audience with hair in your face? that's how i picture it.

also, how loud were you singing? did the woman in the shower comment all cowell-esque, "that was a bit like an overpaid longue singer, but i'm going to surprise you here, i didn't mind it."

Rainster said...

That's a Cowell quote? Aweseome.

A friend of mine usually sings it at karaoke. I just sing along from my seat.

So the thing was, I had grabbed my bag from the locker and was going to head home when the song came on, and I stayed to sing along. You can't really yell the song so it wasn't screaming, but it wasn't under my breath either. The woman came into my line of vision right at the end of "I don't belong here". We both stopped and blinked for a second, then I tried to nonchalantly grab my bag and leave, and she walked towards a locker.

Horrible song to play at the gym. They should stick to techno!