Thursday, May 24, 2007

Can't take the sky from me

I finished watching the Firefly series a few days ago, so I finally watched the follow-up movie Serenity.

Normally I don't like sci-fi. But the series was innovative enough to capture my interest for the 4 DVD discs. By "innovative" I mean it's really only half sci-fi. The other half is western, and I like westerns. The random insertion of Chinese phrases, chopsticks, and Asian decor was also kind of fascinating. The TV series felt more like a post-Civil War drifter story. It just happened to take place in a galaxy far, far away.

The movie, though, was a little different. Instead of focusing on all the characters, it really only focused on River, the psychic child prodigy who was tortured by . The evil Alliance sends the Operative to capture and kill River, who is having gruesome flashbacks, and the crew of the rogue ship travel through territory infested by zombie-like creatures to the scene of a crime River has buried in her subconscious. They escape and try to tell the world.

There are some kick-ass kick-butt action sequences. There are also some scenes where I involuntarily yelled "Nooooooo!!!!!" when they kill of characters I didn't think they'd kill off.

The movie was darker, though. There weren't as many light moments or humor that a TV series allows. The camera angles are also really different (wide shots as opposed to the series' up-close ones). And all the actors are noticeably older, which is weird, given that the movie was made only three years after the series ended.

As finales go, Serenity was good. It focused more on just ending it all, rather than on character development, so that fans could finally get closure.

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