Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More things in heaven and earth!

So in the fourth Thursday Next book, the soap opera drama ends and her husband is finally re-actualized. The heroine also has to save Hamlet from character insurrections; a croquet match and cloned neanderthals determine the fate of England; an escaped fictional character manages to become a real-life dictator; there are several journeys to the Jasper Fforde equivalent of the River Styx; and, of course, the time-traveling breaks every preconceived notion about the plot that the readers might have had. Once again, it's sheer brilliance!

The most hilarious and brilliant part: Thursday's 2-year-old son Friday babbles in Lorem Ipsum, the nonsense placeholder text. Awesome!

The second coolest part: the aforementioned croquet match gets to have attorneys challenging accordance with the rules of the game, as if the whole thing were in court. So the lawyers frantically searching for case precedents also get subs!

The one thing I smacked myself for missing the whole time: the pun on the Hamlet quote. Despite one character's rarely-mentioned first name being Yorrick and the presence of the Danish prince throughout the book, I didn't see the line coming. Mmmph!

Book Five comes out in July!

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