Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gimme some sugar, baby

Army of Darkness saved my sanity this past weekend.

It was the perfect post-wedding, non-thinking/nonsense, zombie/time travel ridiculous movie to watch after an alcohol-free, dance-free, perpetually late-starting event.

I had previously only seen A Common Man's poster of it.


Torgo said...

I write more on your blog than mine these days. Oh well.

You've never seen this?? You need to watch Evil Dead 2. It's a trilogy. Army of Darkness is the third. The first is good, but very low budget and much more of a horror movie. The second mixes horror and just plain silliness. Then Army of Darkness is all just nonsense.

Rainster said...

Yeah, everybody else watched Evil Dead 2. I got there late (had to shower after the wedding) and missed it. But I got the synopsis!

Xtina said...

torgo made me watch one of those two at colby...i can't remember which one. i may have fallen asleep.