Sunday, May 06, 2007

No Day But Today!

I finally watched Rent. Partly because I've spent the past week pondering rent -- setting up apartment viewings and hopfully signing a lease in the next week, as well as encountering a recurring econ problem set about how rent controls are bad, bad things and why don't politicians only understood the laws of supply and demand? So rent in various forms has been on my mind lately. It's only appropriate that I sing along to the musical!

I'd heard most of the songs and knew the storyline (it's La Boheme in NYC, mid-90s). Rosario Dawson was great. So was Taye Diggs. I know that some of the actors were the original Broadway cast, but overall the production failed to wow me. Maybe it's just that the medium of the stage (particularly the musical) doesn't necessarily transfer well to the medium of the screen. Some of the characters struck me as stylized and ... tin. But on a stage it would've been different. Also, it's possible that I couldn't get cost-benefit angles out of my head, and kept looking at the city tenements and thinking "Ack, I'll be living there soon!"

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wheatgerm said...

Rent rent just goes up