Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Benchwarmer no more

Instead of grabbing a beer over trivia, the Pastor and I grabbed one at karaoke. I say that tongue-in-cheek, of course, because we were really all about the food instead, ditched the crowded trivia bar where I was briefly sketched out, and got us some grub. We had the flexibility to switch up our plans like that because, yet again, nobody else showed up for trivia.

But I finally got to sing! It's been about four weeks --way too long! I was stifling minor lingering coughs (very badly) the whole time, but at least I got to sing! I've popped my head into a few places near me, but the vibe wasn't quite right. It wasn't necessarily perfect at the Milk Way either, but it's the best I've seen so far. My only beefs were the ridiculous rotation "process"and the '70s-heavy performances (but that could've been just the evening's general mood). Other than that, it was great.

Every other week they do live-band karaoke. Since I'm supposed to be finding trivia in the boondocks where Torgo will be staying next Tuesday, I might have to wait a few weeks to try the live-band singing. But having a backup place for belting out tunes is nice!


Torgo said...

I feel like a visiting dignitary or celebrity. I'll be impressed if you find something up near where I am on Tuesday.

The clock is ticking...

Rainster said...

It's mighty slim pickins out there. Am broadening the search to Medford.

But oh! I think there's karaoke Tuesday night in downtown Woburn! >:-}