Monday, September 17, 2007

The quest continues

For the second week in a row, Xtina and I were a two-woman team at trivia. We both invited several others who, for various reasons, did not show up. Long stories, all.

This time, we were at a sports bar in Brookline. There was no paper or pen or turning in of questions after each round. It was all live: 3 topics that patrons chose comprised a round. First team to get 3 questions right won a prize. The host is self-dubbed as "The Man of TRIVIA" and is a local radio personality. He was great. His ability to think up questions on whatever topic the patrons shouted out was amazing, as was his ability to keep track of which teams had how many points. Also, he was pretty sassy and definitely talked back to the rowdy sports bar patrons. All in good fun. You could tell everybody was having a good time joking back and forth.

Problem was, the prizes were crap. They were mostly alcohol brand T-shirts. Except for the Wild Hogs bandana Xtina won. The four questions we got right first and loudest (and so got credit for) were musicals, Disney movies, and Sex and the City (all Xtina), and one about a western state (go west coast me). Other than that, there was no scoring. No team name was necessary. Whoever shouted the right answer the first and loudest got a point and a chance at winning a Malibu or Stoli tank top or T-shirt.

No ceasing from mental fight! No sword sleeping in the hand! With apologies to Blake, there is a place for us, somewhere a place for us. Perseverance!

Next week: Irish pub in Jamaica Plain named after an Irish poet, so maybe some good field research would be to peruse some of his work.

Or go back to reading about bipartisan policy agendas. Sigh....

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Xtina said...

i think your one intelligent answer trumps my three pop culture ones.

but i do sort of feel cheated that we didn't get a full round of disney movies.

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