Friday, September 14, 2007

Study break!

I decided to take a break from reading about copyright and fair use law, and finally tried Netflix's "Watch online" offer. None of the films in my queue that were available to watch online really grabbed me, so I chose a movie I wasn't likely to choose on my own: Orgazmo. In it, Trey Parker of South Park fame plays a Mormon guy on his mission in L.A., who stumbles on an opportunity to make money for his fiancee's dream wedding: starring as a sex superhero in a porn flick.

I expected to dislike it, and I didn't. I thought it would be full of lowbrow sex jokes and bimbos and general slapstick stupidity, and it wasn't. In fact, I really, really liked it. It's a really cute movie. It's not just a parody of both the superhero and porn genres, it's also a parody of the country-boy-changes-the-Big-City idea. The drama isn't confined to the porn set, though; there's an evil nightclub owner who tries to bully a local sushi bar owner into selling his property. The Mormon kid doesn't give up or compromise his beliefs; the great thing is that the movie isn't focused on changing him at all. It's cheesy, but like all outsiders-against-the-mainstream flicks, the message is about finding community and friends where you didn't expect it.

Orgazmo was way better than Superbad, which I saw before leaving Seattle. Superbad was still a good and updated take on the graduating-high-school-boys-try-to-get-laid genre, and definitely worth seeing. It had its fill of eye-rolling middle school bodily-function jokes and ridiculous situations (everything from farts to menstrual blood), but the cultural commentator in me can push aside the prudish adult in me and recognize that such references and scenarios allow the intended audience (teenagers) to publicly normalize the fears and social horrors of adolescence. They are functional. Durkheim would understand.

It also had a lot of laugh out-loud moments. The refreshing thing was, the kids all looked like they were 18; they weren't 25-year-olds playing teenagers. Michael Cera was especially endearing, mainly because he's still the same old George Michael from Arrested Development.

But really, Orgazmo was better. It's not just hilarious, it's also heartwarming. Much love! Hahaha...



Xtina said...

i think you've got me turned onto Orgazmo! uh, i mean...i think i might like it.

Torgo said...

I agree regarding Orgazmo -- the biggest surprise is that it doesn't just go for all the easy porn jokes. It actually has a heart.

But then, that's what South Park often does, too. They set up a plot with a lot of crude, easy jokes, then bring in to a moral conclusion by the end.

Xtina said...

wait, is Orgazmo like South Park? there were usually too many crude, easy jokes in South Park for me to make it to the moral conclusion

Rainster said...

It's not as in-your-face as South Park, but it's the same writers. And voices.