Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bipolar Music Disorder, Undiagnosed

I’m not an Apple person. Though the iPod is pretty cool and I think the entire iPod marketing campaign is sheer brilliance, I don’t know, I never really got into the iPod thing. Plus everybody has one, and that automatically makes me contrary.

Unfortunately, that means that the music player I do have and like because it’s also a radio is also fairly incompatible with WMP, which means I have to make playlists in WMP to blast at home, and separate but equal playlists in Creative for tuning out on the bus or other places.

On the 4-hour plane ride to Detroit (where, by the way, my 8-month pregnant sister refused to stop by and see me during my layover even though she lives 40 minutes away), I created new playlists on my music player.

My favorite playlist (at the moment) I named Girl You Know It. It’s only slightly different from the Soul Sistahs playlist I have in WMP.

I realized a few months ago that my entire music collection is made up of artists who are, for the most part, either white men (everything from boy bands to jazz to indie rock) or women with big, deeper, powerful voices (largely pop, and a fair amount are also women of color). This is fine in and of itself, except for the disturbingly Freudian fact that that matches my family makeup almost exactly.

There are the exceptions to this trend, of course, like the fact that I have every song by Dar Williams, the Blue Scholars, and Enrique Iglesias.Nonetheless, it’s a weird thing to readmit as you’re rearranging tunes on a plane.

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