Thursday, August 23, 2007

The joys of aging

So with all the free-time-calm-before-the-grad-school-starving-storm, I've been walking around a lot more and pounding the treadmill at the gym almost every day. But because of all the increased activity, pronation, and because I wear shoes like these
I have to wear this to bed at night until the inflamed tendon in my foot is alleviated:
I argued for several minutes with the podiatrist when he tried to tell that all people everywhere should wear only shoes like these, all the time:
Actually, first I laughed, then gaped in horror when I realized he was serious, then argued, then caved in and lied and said I'd try to buy a few pairs of shoes with a good sturdy, unbendable sole and slight raised heel.

And the elliptical machine is apparently better for the aged than the treadmill.


Xtina said...

i laughed out loud reading this because i was picturing you at your podiatrist, laughing, and then gaping, and then arguing.

Rainster said...

He picked up my pink and tan Pony sporty shoe and exclaimed in exasperation, "You shouldn't be able to do THIS to a shoe!" and then folded it in half, then crumpled it around in a dozen other ways to illustrate that the sole was unsupportive.

On the other hand, it made it easier to decide which shoes to bring to Boston!

fabulous girl said...

don't give up your shoes!

You can always have surgery later ...

Rainster said...

Oh, I have no plans to give up my favorite shoes! Seriously, how can you salsa in clogs?