Thursday, August 16, 2007

Walking past the butcher's

To file in the "You Can Go Home Again or Wait, Can You Really?" category: I was wandering around trying to figure out how the old 'hood has changed or stayed the same. After peering into the quinceañera boutique and a gazillion pho shops and uber-cheap beauty salons, I passed by a store that I didn't recall being there before. (Turns out it was a carnicero, and it's been there forever, but my sister in Michigan had to tell me that.) I tried to casually walk by and peer through the windows to see what it was, and a woman inside stared back at me very intently. Not wanting to attract attention and seem like a total weirdo, I hastily walked on. Even when she ran outside after me and started shouting after me, I tried to be cool and seem inconspicuous. But then my curiosity got the better of me, and I turned around to see why she was chasing me.

Turns out we went to high school together, and she remembered my face while I remembered her name. She just wanted to see if I'd been keeping in touch with some folks from our graduating class about a possible future get-together. I hadn't, but she told me who to contact for more information.

Eek, it's been ten years! Gaaaaaaack!

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