Friday, August 24, 2007

Minting penance

No sooner had I just put the big honking brace on my foot to settle down for the night, than I heard a shriek from La Madre's room. The damn brace is extremely cumbersome, but I managed to hobble hurriedly, tripping only slightly, over to the source of the wails.

Turns out, the quarters lying on La Madre's dresser were the last 6 or so state quarters, and were marked with the D and S of the Denver and San Francisco mints, and the quarters were acquired almost fresh off the minting machines. Apparently on the days that the quarters come out, La Madre rushes over to the tellers from the loan department at the credit union where she works, to get the new quarters from the different mints.

And here I thought they were just spare quarters lying around for bus money...

So now I have to figure out a way to make it up for stealing collector-item coins.


Torgo said...

I'm pretty sure they make a lot of those quarters. They ought to be easy to replace. If not, just get her a dollar and tell her to keep the change.

You are going to Boston soon, right? Because if you do what I suggest she may toss you there herself.

Rainster said...

Yup, leaving Wednesday.

I already offered to search for the quarters, but apparently the ones of hers I took were never used, and she wants that shiny-coin look.