Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The 20 minute dash

In an ongoing effort to forget that the semester ends in less than a month, I've been pretending schoolwork doesn't exist. It will come back to haunt me soon, I know (especially the specter of Economics), but for now ignorance is truly bliss...

I liked Run Lola Run. The scenario was simple: Lola's boyfriend Manni accidentally loses 100,000 marks that belong to his mobster boss, and he has exactly 20 minutes to find enough moolah to cover his ass and save his life. Lola's father is some local bank bigwig, and she runs from their apartment to try and get the money. Not to give anything away, but the film revisits her 20-minute sprint several times, each with some minor details (and thus the outcomes) changed. There are also snippets of the futures of random people Lola passes in her rush to the bank. Naturally, I liked the movie because it presented alternative or parallel storylines. Also, going back to my obsession with the philosophy of time and place and history, I really liked how the film presented interlocking influences on Lola's seemingly personal mission -- it was really just an interesting take on the age-old depiction of free will versus destiny.

The soundtrack was ubercool too.

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