Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lessons learned the hard way no.s 1743 & 1744

#1743: Good neighbors will call the cops on you if they think you're a burglar.

As I stumbled to La Madre's house this morning, after the usual Monday night revelry, I thought I'd do a load of laundry before heading down to the DMV to renew my driver's license.

It being a warm, sunny day, I left the front door open. After tossing clothes into the washer and losing a few games of Prolific online, I left to put myself at the mercy of the DMV. As I walked down the porch steps, the neighbor across the street suddenly threw her front door open and rushed towards me. I had my headphones on, but it was obvious she was saying something important.

The first words I heard were "I just called the police!" and thought somehow I missed some serious drama in the 'hood. But through a lot of frantic speech, I discerned that she saw our front door open, noticed La Madre's car wasn't out front, and then saw "a person" run through the hallway (that was me rushing to the computer from the laundry room so I wouldn't miss the start of one of the Prolific games). So she called the police, and they told her they'd stop by. She'd been peeking through her curtains for ten minutes before I came out the front door.

As I thanked her for her concern and continued on my way to the DMV, she rushed inside to call the police to tell them it was just her neighbor's nightowl grad student daughter home on spring break.

La Madre was not amused when I called to give her the lowdown.

#1744: Never renew your driver's license after Monday night revelries.

The DMV will steadfastly refuse to let you retake the picture.

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