Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Towards a healthier Epicureanism

A few weeks ago, a clerk at a store told me that the City of Brookline has banned the use of trans fats in restaurants. In class today the issue came up again, because apparently Boston and Cambridge are considering it. It is a growing public policy trend. (For instance, I had no idea that New York and Philadelphia already have similar bans ...) And because it's a policy issue, we hashed it out in class, along with smoking bans and the obesity issue and alcohol.

It was one of the best Econ classes all year!


winnekat said...

So did you know Seattle approved a trans fat ban too? (And also a requirement for menu labeling!)

Rainster said...

Yay! I was wondering about the west coast representin'... =)

Health policy is usually not on my radar at all!

Rainster said...

(So I'm glad my program is forcing me to look at policy issues I don't normally seek out...)