Sunday, March 16, 2008

Root, root, root for the ... (scream it!)

The unspoken rule of Fight Club is "Never buy any other team's gear." But unfortunately I will break that rule sometime next week, when I have to buy a Red Sox cap for the bro-in-law, whose birthday is coming up soon. (La Otra Hermana's husband has quite the collection of baseball caps, and wants a Red Sox one. I figure when his only Christmas request was for me to start going to church with them, this gift request is actually feasible.)

I have only ever bought Mariners gear. EVER!!! Starting when I was 8, and bought little bat-shaped Mariners pens with my allowance money.

Last semester, the spouse of someone in the cohort above me told me that he went to a baseball game while in Seattle on a business trip, and his impression of Mariners fans were that they were all happy, smiling little plastic cheerleaders who politely yelled "Yay team! Vanquish the foe!" instead of screaming curses and throwing sacrificial animals onto the field, which I guess as a Boston sports fan he thought was more appropriate behavior. I couldn't exactly disagree with his description of the fan base, though.... which personally I don't think is a bad thing. Ahem.

Perhaps the unwritten rule needs to be amended in committee to read " ... except when requested as gifts." And the transaction isn't at all like coming face to face with a Dementor. Maybe Azkaban's not that bad. It kindasorta doesn't count, really. (Note to self: repeat into mirror in the morning.)

It will, however, take several attempts for me to go through with it...

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