Sunday, October 21, 2007

The First Rule of Fight Club

Regardless of who wins tonight...

Like any sports fanaticism, there is no real logic (except geography) to my postseason baseball rules.

These have been the rules for over ten years:

1. Root for the Mariners.
2. If the Mariners are not in it, root for the Western Division team that is.
3. If there's no Western Division team in the ALCS, root for whatever American League team's city is physically closest to the west coast, except the Rangers, Indians, or Yankees.
4. Root for the American League team in the World Series.


Torgo said...

So now, at long last, you're rooting for the Red Sox?

I'd say your rule system is silly, but it's much more logical than my reasoning for liking the Red Sox and Rockies but not the Patriots or Broncos, rather the Packers and Dolphins.

Rainster said...

I rooted for them in '04! Cuz they were the AL team in the World Series... The NL has always been slightly suspicious to me...

I forgot #5: Never buy any other team's gear.

The rules were loosely formed when a homesick little freshman would wear her baseball cap and M's jacket everywhere, and the farther west something was, the better. At the time, Cleveland, NY, and Texas had taken some key Ms players. Other than that, there's so logic!