Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This week's obsessions

My new sherpa-lined fleece hoodie, which I got at an outlet store in Kittery for an unbelievable price, is warmwarmwarmwarmwarm, and I don't want to ever take it off!!!!

Unfortunately, it's also SO warm that it's inducing a dormitive state as I am attempting to summarize the postmodern linguisitic theory in Critical Legal Studies. Or maybe it's the subject matter...

At any rate, this week's procrastination resources have been:

* "Hips Don't Lie," that great danceable song by Shakira. Can't get enough of it lately. Don't know why.
* Wonkette
* Visiting the websites of all the presidential candidates, from both parties. It's, uh, school-related. Okay, not really. But an unempirical eye can still make observations... and not do homework.

Fred Thompson on myspace. That is a scary, scary thing...

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