Thursday, October 11, 2007

I hope Gore wins

(Of course, I'm sure it'll go to a deserving individual whether or not he does...)

Setting aside all debate about whether one organization or medal should hold so much social and political currency, or the fact that humanitarian efforts, human rights, and peace are inherently and undeniably political to begin with, the aftermath would play out so hilariously: "For his efforts to find policy solutions to the issue of global warming, which truly is a worldwide issue, and for the added burden of having to do this in America, which is not only one of the biggest environmental polluters but also home to most of the people who doubt the existence of the issue in the first place, the Prize goes to..." And then the predictable reaction: "This is a European, liberal, anti-American conspiracy! Partisanship! Biased political statement! Waaaaaa!" And the American President, who technically lost a past election to the prize recipient, would have to congratulate the recipient on becoming the fifth (I think) American ever to get the prize, on being recognized by the world's most prestigious award organization for crusading against fixing something said President doesn't believe exists in the first place.

You can't make this up!


Colin said...

Yay Al!

And if you want to be annoyed, go and read some of the reader comments over at CNN. I hate people.

Colin said...

Oh, and a number of different Americans (or American organisations) have won the Nobel Peace Prize:

Theodore Roosevelt (1906)
Elihu Root (1912)
Woodrow Wilson (1919)
Charles Gates Dawes (1925)
Frank B Kellogg (1929)
Jane Addams (1931)
Nicholas Murray Butler (1931)
Cordell Hull (1945)
Emily Greene Balch (1946)
John R Mott (1946)
American Friends Service Committee (1947)
Ralph Bunche (1950)
George Catlett Marshall (1953)
Linus Carl Pauling (1962)
Dr Martin Luther King Jr (1964)
Norman Borlaug (1970)
Henry Kissinger (1973)
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (1985)
Elie Wiesel (1986)
International Campaign to Ban Landmines (1997)
Jody Williams (1997)
Jimmy Carter (2002)

Rainster said...

Oops! I just counted the big-name politicians. ;-)


Rainster said...

And yeah, I had to turn off the news when they started trotting out the "experts" on climate change non-existance....