Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Captain Blunder and the Awkward Silences

Sigh. Xtina and I have been fated to sail alone from pub to pub in search of a good trivia place, bailed on by friends, relatives, coworkers, and fellow grad students alike, for ten weeks.

Okay, not really ten weeks, that was just for literary drama.

But we will reach Ithaca one day!


Rainster said...

Post-trivia fulfillment of promise to the Reverend X: You were right! Match Point is a Woody Allen movie! I will never again talk you out of a movie-related question!


Torgo said...

You didn't know Match Point was Woody Allen??!! Geez, you need me and bad.

I think it's time for a trivia road trip to the Left Coast.

Xtina said...

OK, did we miss the part that i KNEW that Match Point was Woody Allen? Although, if you were there two, it would have been two against one, and ol' Rainster would have caved. =)

you would have helped if you knew what Stevie Nicks, Liz Phair, and Aimee Mann looked like though, and if you knew what literature series the place Prydian was in.

Torgo said...

I don't know Prydian, but I know what the three singers look like. Was that a question? They're all blondes.

Rainster said...

Yeah, I tried to convince her she was crazy because I'd seen Match Point and didn't know it was a Woody Allen movie. Never again!

And I was totally useless in the identify-the-female-singer picture category. (Boy bands, now...)