Monday, March 10, 2008

Do U Wanna?

After Jodhaa Akbar, I got home to find Partner in the mailbox. (Woot, Netflix.) So I convinced La Madre that she wanted to see it.

Partner is the Bollywood version of Hitch, and if possible, is more ridiculous and infinitely cheesier. The majority of the story is the same, but there are a few unique aspects (like the single mother, the kid, the criminal mastermind, and the song and dance routines, obviously). The entire film was, to put it very mildly, kind of like a hip-hop music video.

One of La Madre's comments was that, like Filipino and Latino shows and stars, the majority of people onscreen were fairly lightskinned. (And skin-lightening beauty products are huge industries elsewhere in the world. Just type in "skin lighten ad" on YouTube, and even Shah Rukh Khan is doing them.) Then she fell asleep after about 20 minutes.

The melanin politics aside, however (that'd be a looooong tangent), I was shocked to hear swearing (in English, though); and in some of the scenes, there's almost kissing! The honeymoon-scene ending is fairly risque, even by some American standards. For the most part Indian movies manage to just hint at sex. This one didn't really dance around it -- and Salman Khan's love interest being a single mother sort of hammered that home.

I really enjoyed Salman Khan ...I mean the film... It was over-the-top screwball funny, perfect if you have few expectations of quality.

But maybe not something to watch with your mother!

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